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i just realized that maria hill reports directly to fury and natasha reports directly to fury and melinda may reports directly to fury and they’re the only ones we see regularly speaking to him

all three of director fury’s closest lieutenants are women how metal is that



As if this fandom really liked Scott better if he was more morally ambiguous.

He was torn apart for not picking up his phone once.

He is probably the first hero in television history  that got blamed for treating a puppy.

And for the one hard decision he was forced into in the season two finale  he will probably be crucified by this fandom until judgement day.

But, yeah, this fandom would love him so much more if he screwed up just as often as Derek Hale.

Of course they would.

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even when i had nothing, i had him

‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’

what if i cut off your left leg

would that make you stronger

would it



Scary just got sexy

Awesome guys being silly = sexy


David Tennant welcomes people on to the Doctor Who Children In Need Tour via video. And adorable happens. [x]